Free Web-based SEO Tools

A free collection of SEO research and analysis tools help you improve your website.

Meta Tags Checker

Free Tools Analyze all html meta tags of web pages.

Headings Tags Checker

Check headings tags present on the web page.

Code to Text Ratio

Calculator Text to Code Ratio of webpage.

Robots.txt checker

Check exists of your robots.txt file of web page.

XML Sitemap Checker

Check if the your website has a sitemap.

Gzip Compression Checker

Check if gzip compression on a website is enabled

Image Alt Tags Checker

Find images missing alt tags images on web page.

GoogleBot Last Accessed Date

Check google last indexed or crawled date.

Alexa Rank Checker

Check global traffic rank of your website.

Inline CSS Test

Check webpage HTML tags for inline CSS properties

SEO Friendly URL Test

Check if your webpage URLs are SEO friendly.

Deprecated HTML Tags Test

Check if your webpage is using old, deprecated HTML tags

Nofollow Tag Checker

Check if your webpage is using the nofollow meta tags

Canonical Tag Checker

Check if your webpage is using the canonical link tags

Server Signature Checker

Check if your server's signature is ON of OFF

HTML Page Size Test

Check if your webpage's HTML size.

Website Speed Test

Check your website's loading speed

Nested HTML Tables Test

Check if this site contains nested tables

Backlink checker tool

Find all the backlinks of a website

Da Pa Checker

Check domain authority and page authority of a website

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