Headings Tags Checker

Headings checker tool is used to check h1, h2,..,h6 headings present on your webpage. H1, H2, h3 are the HTML Tags used for represent headings in webpage. These headings are the important part of seo. While search engines crawls your website, first it looks your website meta tags then it crawls the h1,h2,h3 headings present on the webpage. It should be the correct heading for the content, If your page title does not match with the contents on the webpage the search engine fetches h1,h2 headings and keep it as a page title of your pages in its search results.

Our tool gives you the no. of h1,h2,h3...h6 tags on the website. Check and put tags using below tips

Tips for choosing H1,H2,H3 Headings

Every page should start with H1 Heading. So put h1 tag for main title of the page. Use only one h1 tag for a webpage. Mostly avoid many h1 tags. H2 Tag is used to represent sub headings on the webpage. It may be more depend upon the content. H3 Tags are used to represent small headings or important titles present inside the content.