Tips How to get index faster in Search Engines

by Mr.Dinh | 2020-7-19 09:38:13 | in : Seo

Whenever webmaster create a new website or blog, the first the new webmasters have one question: “Why is my website not showing in Search Engine?”. And, and of course that is why we read this post today, make sure that you follow these steps explained below to get index quickly in Search Engines. All webmaster know that content is king and that if you keep writing post (newest content) regularly every day, the index page will be faster than you do not often write post.

How to get Index faster in Google Search:

First, I recommend that you keep updating your website or blog frequently can also help to ensure that Google finds it faster, and keeps you in their index.

Follow these steps:

1. Submit Website URL to Search Engines:

When you creating new website or blog, You should submit this url to webmate tools beacause when you submit Googlebot will crawled your URL, it will find new content on this pages to add to the list of pages to be crawled.

2. Create a sitemap using XML Sitemaps Generator (

What is a sitemap? A sitemap is an XML document on your website’s server that basically lists each of posts or pages that you’ve published on your website.

If you haven't submit your sitemap to Google then do it today by going to the webmaster tool and add your sitemap to Webmaster Tools, then go to Optimization > Sitemaps and add the link to your website’s sitemap to Webmaster Tools.

3. Submit your website on social bookmarking websites:

This is another method which is very effective for new website or blog. You can using Facebook pages, Twitter profiles, LinkedIn profiles , Pinterest profiles or Google+ group to create Profile for your new website or blog. Then sharing those URLs on those Profile pages, you are actually sending a social signal to your site. This means the more you share, the more social signals it will send back to your site.

4. Submit your website for review:

Last and most important step submit your website for review on webmasters forum like Digitelpoints, Site Point Forum, Siteowners Forum, Search engine watch Forum, V7nForum, Warrior forum.

After completion of above step wait for few minutes or hours to Search Engines crawled and Index your website or blog.

Once your website or blog is indexed, you’ll start to see more traffic from Search Engine.Note: Content is King.

5. Bookmark and Submit to Directories your website: 

You can use quality social bookmarking, directories  sites like Delicious, StumbleUpon and Dmoz.

Note: Fix Broken links in your blog or website.

Search Engines get a bad impression on a new blog or website if it have many broken links on web page. These broken links will stop the Search engine bots not to crawled for the next post or page on your website or blog. You can use broken link checker website to analyze the number of broken links present in your blog and try to fix them.

I hope you have found this post useful.

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