How to Build a Social Media Marketing Strategy

by Mr Dinh | 2020-08-8 09:20:14 | in : Seo

In the next section SEO Best Practices,  I will guide how to build a social media marketing strategy helps you develop you successful optimize you website.

Learn the Social Signals Model of the Industry

Shares in social media increase the visibility of the page and its user engagement metrics which lead to the growth of the page’s ranking. Before starting a social media campaign, one should define the type of content that would strike for a particular business segment.

Research social media activity of your competitors: 

  • what social platforms they use;
  • how often they make posts;
  • what kind of content they share (industry news, fun facts, niche memes);
  • how many likes and shares they get, analyze what type of content works better;
  • how they work with users’ feedback.

You can use Google Trends to see what is popular in the search. Also, you can opt for services such as Buzzsumo, EpicBeat, Social Animal, etc. that help to learn what’s trending in social media at the moment.

Strive to create viral content

Active and influential accounts on Google Plus, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc. help get additional traffic and attention to a brand. They also can be very contributive to the website’s search ranking.

  1. Define your targeted audience and according to its preferences, form your posting strategy.
  2. Develop a content plan for your social media posting. Use Social Media Planner to schedule your posts and track their performance.

General tips on creating content for social media:

  • Mix the entertaining and informative posts.
  • Share videos, infographics, charts, tables and other multimedia;
  • Create draws, quizzes, contests, polls - they will help engage your subscribers;
  • Analyze audience activity, what they need, FAQ, scrutinize the feedbacks;
  • Take active participation in discussions, ask people's opinion about products, etc;
  • Experiment

Add Social Media Buttons to a Website

Social media buttons are icons (in a header, sidebar or a footer of a page) that allow to share the page’s content via social media with a single click. This helps to spread the word quickly.

  • Define social networks that are foreground for your business (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn, etc.)
  • You can add buttons manually or by using one of the multiple Social Media button plugins available for many CMSs like Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, Blogger and other.

Use Open Graph Protocol for Social Media Posts

Open Graph is a protocol that allows to control the look of social media posts sharing articles from a website. It is a set of meta-tags that structure the information (a headline, a description, a preview) in the post so it could attract more clicks and shares.

Place Open Graph tags in the <head> section of your page’s html code. Primary open graph tags: 

  • "og:locale" — points out a language of your website
  • "og:type" — indicates the page type (article, video, news, etc.)
  • "og:title" — title of the page.
  • "og:description" — short description of the page that users can see in the social media post
  • "og:url" — link to the website’s page
  • "og:image" — link to the image shown in the post
  • "og:site_name" — name of the website

If your post on Facebook doesn’t look the way it is supposed to, use Facebook Sharing Debugger to figure out where the problem lies.


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