7 Off-Site SEO Factors Search Engine Optimization

by Mr Dinh | 2020-08-2 18:12:19 | in : Seo

Mind both a quantity and quality of a site’s backlinks

Backlinks - the links that lead from different web sources to our website - play significant role in a search ranking of the site. It’s important to mind the balance between a quantity and a quality of backlinks since both of them impact the backlink profile.

Analyze backlinks of the competitors

Competitor research is a key stage of the link-building strategy. An analysis of backlinks of a competitor that reached the TOP helps understand how a successful backlink profile should look like.

Create link-building strategy

Link-building strategy refers to priorities in getting backlinks. It depends on the current status of the backlink profile and backlinks of the top-ranking competitors.

Cooperate with websites by sharing relevant content within the niche

One of the crucial factors of a backlink quality refers to the relevance of the host website. The backlink from a website that is thematically related is more valuable than a link from an authoritative but unrelated site. That is why one should exchange and post guest-blogging articles in resources that are popular in the targeted niche.

Participate in Forum Discussions and Answer the Questions in the Field

Users potentially interested in some product or service often browse relevant forums searching for fresh information and reviews. Active participation in forums or blogs discussions can contribute to the website’s ranking and stimulate traffic growth. Besides, Q&A platforms (Yahoo Answers, Google Answers, Answerbag, Quora, Reddit, etc.) can be used not only for getting interesting opinions on different subjects but also for growing brand awareness and attracting targeted users to the website.

Encourage users to write reviews about your service

There are review aggregators where users share their opinion about services/products and make a decision whether to try the service/product. Search engines evaluate mentions and reviews of a website, so the reviews impact the ranking, especially in local SEO.

Use images, videos, and documents for website promotion

Infographics, videos, webinars, podcasts, PDF documents, and images are types of a shareable content that can increase search visibility of the website in video, image and document search results. The key for efficient use of multimedia files lies in the proper optimization.

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